What if one smile..


He rode a bike, wore a bow tie, and carried a back pack.

Pushing his small dirt bike down the street with his large professor like black rimmed glasses on, this young man who looked no older than maybe 22, had a smile that could be seen for miles.

He had a smile that stopped me in my tracks. Though hard to believe, I was already at a dead stop waiting for my light to turn green.

Weighed down that very moment by the stuff of life, there was something about his smile that stopped me in perspective.

I wanted to tell him right then and right there that though he might not realize this, but his smile actually made me smile.

Mother Theresa once said, “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

Sitting there at that stop light, I needed nothing more than that smile to send me forth on a new trajectory of hope rather than despair.

Oh how the stuff of life can have that kind of an effect on each of us. That is, if we let it.

But hey, we’re all human.

So then I ask, what makes us smile? And do we know that when we smile, the whole world might just begin to smile?

Though we might not be able to reach the whole world, we can reach the whole world of but one person.

Is that not enough to line our streets or for that matter our each breath with purpose?

You know what? You matter. Now, go ahead and smile.

Who knows when your smile might just be the green light someone in your midst might just be waiting for.

In turn, perhaps now they too, can begin to smile (again).

I know, I now am.


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