An Embrace of Heavenly Sorts..


I hadn’t even said amen yet when the elevator stopped and opened its doors.

Immediately struck with an immense glow that words could not describe, I stood there in a moment of awe that was mixed with a nervous anticipation.

Overcome with uncertainty, I stepped off the elevator and onto the seventh floor. I had been here before. Uncertainty always seemed to call this floor home. Well, at least each time I’ve been here. (Which at this point, was way too many times.)

Pausing for a moment to take a deep breath, I stepped towards the long hallway which aimed due west. It was late afternoon and a certain and peculiar calm had blanketed the floor with a peace I had not previously felt in this place.

Never in a million years did I expect what was waiting for me just around that corner. In this, there is no antidote for uncertainty than that of an embrace of heavenly sorts. And so it was.

Thinking back on that moment this night and praying for all those in my midst who too, walk in uncertainty. If this be you, take a moment to exhale, turn the corner, and be embraced. My friend. You are not alone. You matter.

There is hope. Even until the very end. Peace. You are loved. G

Photograph by Gunnar J. Simonsen


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