Shopping on Christmas Eve..


Walking through Fred Meyer at 11am on Christmas Eve is a feat in of itself.

Why on Earth have I done this to myself? I must be a glutton for punishment.

With looks of desperation, irritation and everything in between, I found myself standing there amidst the chaos, probably looking somewhat confused by it all.

It was like somehow I was transported into a snow globe where the masses played the part of the snow and I, the fixed figure in the center of it all, just stood there in a daze.

Why on Earth am I here?

Perhaps, I guess, to see what I can see until at least the snow settles down after blanketing my surroundings with a momentary sense of peace, or probably more likely until the holder of such, shakes it yet again… and again.

Groundhogs Day, anyone?

Battling severe nausea recently due to deteriorating vision in my left eye, so I think, it reminds me of the time where I proclaimed I wanted to create a snow globe that when you shook it, the people inside it threw up as the snow fell all around. I know, that’s sick. But, how do you think the people inside the snow globe feel? Haha.

But I digress.

What are we all doing here? Is this how a weary world rejoices? Or do we continue down the road of weariness by way of continuing down the road of carrying our heavy burdens?

As I look around at the sea of faces, I wonder. Which is which amongst me now? Which is which within me now?

Or have we all become so consistently weary that it has become some sort of new normal?

For me, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring other than this.. a symbol of remembrance that a Hope has come that not only will or can, but already has.. given me(us) an out from under these heavy burdens of which we carry.

In this, a remembrance of Hope that says, no longer shall I carry these heavy burdens. No longer shall I walk along this road weary.

Instead, I can walk free. For unto us a child is born, and He shall be named Emmanuel.

Snapping out of this ponder, the sounds of grocery carts clashing fill this place as baskets filled with stuff overflowing are coming at me from every aisle. Probably standing there amidst all of this, I must have looked confused.

Well, I guess I am, if I’m honest.

What is Christmas anyway but rather the precursor to what’s next…


Hey friend. Hit pause this day and reflect. The gift of Christmas is not found amidst the grocery carts that fill this place, but rather instead…

The outstretched arms of He who loves you(us) so.

Merry Christmas, my friend.

You matter, you are loved and you are valued.

I guess I can put down the snow globe now. I’m getting tired of shaking it anyway. One can get pretty weary doing this to themselves… over and over. I suppose it’s time for me to let go and be held for once. That’s what this Christmas gift is… isn’t it?


P.S. And yes, I do have an appointment with an opthamologist on January 5th. 😉

P.S.P.S. Please know, these thoughts are not meant to guilt anyone about what’s under the tree, but rather instead, me looking at myself and wondering what is truly within my heart.


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