I nearly missed it: Composition without depth is just noise


Either this Blue Heron is OCD or its a contemplative.

It’s a powerful moment when you realize that this exact alignment of reflection, both that of the heron and that of the trees in the pond will more than likely never happen again.

I almost missed it. I was so focused on the subject that I failed to see the picture. Too often, I think we focus way too much on the composition and not enough on the depth. Composition without depth is just noise. At least, that’s what I believe.

I think composition merely tells you about a place. Depth takes you to that place. Here is where we discover that which was once undiscovered. Here is where growth happens. If I have learned anything these past couple of years, its this… one adds life to life when one gives themselves permission daily, to get lost in discovery.

Step back every once and awhile and catch your breath. In doing this, the stroke of the brush you will apply to your canvas because you did, might just thank you for it. I know we will.

***for the record, I am OCD. Contemplative… I aim to be.


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