Put down your hands and see your surrender


I only met him today for the first time. But all it took was one thought spoken to me and a friend that made me feel like he’d long before, read my book.

“Put your hands down and stop fighting. This doesn’t mean to stop working [on your stuff]. But when you stop fighting and put your hands down, you can begin to see what you’ve actually been fighting. Now you can know what you need to surrender.”

If hope can be spelled out as to say hang on pain ends, it is here where we can begin to let go and be healed.

I have come to believe that this intersection of life is where the light can begin to shine upon this road I walk, and with this, the pain that has held me so, can now begin to fade away.

Feeling lighter today. Feeling brighter too. LET there be Light, my friend. You matter.


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