Leaning In To Life’s Lessons

What’s hard is leaning in during life’s most difficult times and being willing to learn lessons never meant to condemn you, but rather instead, to set you free.

Yet, too often we set our course to fight or flight at the first sign of trouble. And this sets course to anything but being free. Years later, is it any wonder why were still wandering around in the wilderness? Forty years sure can seem like a lifetime when life is lived in such a way.

Raise your hand if this all sounds way too familiar.

Sadly, we sit back and wait for others to “learn” their lessons while never bothering to fully accept our lessons.
Sure, maybe we’re aware of our lessons, but just being aware is a far cry from actually learning from these lessons.

Because when we can lean in on our lessons, we run towards growth. Yet when we fight or flight them, we run away from freedom.

Otherwise, its all just talk. Right? Let’s be honest, change isn’t change until there’s change. Yes, it’s hard. But stop wasting your energy trying to change everyone else until you’ve exhausted all your energy to bring change to yourself.

Then, it will be the change in you that just might be what inspires change in the other.

When true change occurs, it always does the talking for you.

This makes me think.. Life is not difficult, its just hard, sometimes. But this is where growth dwells. Yes?

So be not resigned to this is how life is always going to be. We become resigned when we fight or flight. Instead, find your resolve to live a life to the fullest of what it could be by leaning in during those difficult times. I think you might be surprised by what is waiting for you there.

Thankful today for friends who speak both truth and grace into my life. Thankful for friends who don’t just tell me what I want to hear.

I hope you have friends like this. I hope you are running towards freedom tonight wherever you might be. You’re worth it. Well, to be honest, you’re already free. You can stop running now. You matter. You are loved.

Being the change in the world that you want to see starts with leaning in. If you haven’t guessed, this whole post was meant for me. Well, maybe you, too. But mostly for me.

Humbled and learning this night.


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