Watching Addiction: My Prayer

IMG_6623With walking along this road with an addicted love. I pray my heart would become soft. I pray my heart would begin to understand.

In this, I have come to believe that the hearts of those ensnarled in addiction, indeed do want help. It’s just that addiction is the master of many disguises, so it thinks.

What a prison it must be.

Like a never ending mirage in the middle of the desert calling forth the parched soul, yet all along a cruel joke.

This makes it all the more heartbreaking. Which is which speaking? The heart or the addiction? Yet, at the sound of each word, a deeper and more clear realization comes forth. That I, the bystander, can do not a thing.

It’s like watching someone locked inside a cage with the key to unlock the door around their neck.

Lord, help me to understand that which I do not understand.

In this, fill me with Your love because with this, I simply do not know how to love. Yet, it is only Your love that can call forth a broken soul from the undeserved life sentence of a tortured mind and a hurt heart to in-turn, set them free.

Lord, make all things new.

I know You can.

Help my unbelief and on their behalf, break every chain.

I know you can.


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