Facebook Dialogues: Sharing Faith, Sharing Perspective


Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

But, as we scroll through so much each and every day on social media, what makes you engage this over that? To be honest, in dealing with my own stuff, often times, I will either keep scrolling or I will just read through the comments without saying a thing.

Maybe I just don’t have the energy to engage or maybe sometimes, I just don’t have the confidence to engage.

Regardless, three posts came across my timeline recently where I just said, the heck with it, maybe I do have something to say that might help offer a different perspective. Then again, maybe I am just smoking crack, too. Either way, we all have a narrative and I think it is good to feel confident in a humble sense and share your perspective. That said, just to clarify, I don’t actually smoke crack. But here are those three posts and how I responded.

POST ONE: “I need help in definitions: How does one balance contentment with innovation, servanthood with ambition?”

MY RESPONSE: “I think that to become an effective human doing, we must first seek to become a content human being. I think in doing this, it fuels our innovation as we recalibrate life towards our factory settings in Christ and therefore can begin again to operate in the gifts He had woven within us while knitting us together in our mother’s womb. I think in society today, we get it backwards. I think we have become more human doings then we’d like to admit. I think when we fall prey to the hustle without a balance, we no longer are innovating. We’re just simply chasing relevance. That said, I think God’s economy is so much different than that of the world’s. Servanthood and ambition, contentment and innovation… seek ye first and love thy neighbor, I guess I’ll just start there and wash some feet.”

POST TWO: “I’m trying to find ways to be patient with people when it comes to pointing them to Christ and maintaining that same passion for the truth without feeling pushed toward cynicism and anger when others are being slow to fully accepting the message. I truly do care about others, I truly do. It may not come across that way at times, but I want the best for people, and I truly, wholeheartedly believe that surrendering everything to God and living your life commit to Him and His commands is what’s best for everyone individually, and for this world as a whole. I need grace when I’m bitter. It’s not about pleasing me, it’s about pleasing Him. God is more heartbroken over the sins of this world than I’ll ever be, but He’s also better at solving this global sin problem than I am. How can I best help point others to Christ without compromising my beliefs and values? I’m open to listen. Please share your thoughts. I want to learn.”

MY RESPONSE: “My initial thoughts… Love them. Wash their feet. Be kind. Be grace. Trust God. Otherwise, we can end up pushing them away. As we lift up the name of Jesus, it is He who will draw all unto Himself. It is not for us to be the planter of the seed, the waterer of the seed, and the one who grows it. Play your part, which is to love, pray, and serve. Trust God to play His.”

POST THREE: “I could use some prayer in regards to my job. I can’t go into details as to why publicly, but if you’d like to know some of the details I am able to share, feel free to message me. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but things aren’t looking too good. I won’t know until I get more details about it, though.”

MY RESPONSE:Just remember, clarity is the antidote to anxiety. In situations like these, we need to practice radical acceptance of the unknown and trust God is on thrown and is faithful. Otherwise, we go mad due to paralysis from analysis. Breathe in His peace today and let him place your feet in His footprints. For He has gone before you. Peace, my friend! You matter.”

When and why do you respond to certain posts?


One thought on “Facebook Dialogues: Sharing Faith, Sharing Perspective

  1. Hey G! Once again, a great thought provoking post. Your first post hits close to home. I struggle with just being… I feel I need to do better… and yes, I feel like I am chasing relevance. The spiritual world is upside down compared to our physical world… sometime people get in the way of what God has planned for us. Regardless of how I(we) feel, or interpret circumstances, He works everything for His purposes. He loves us and does not want anyone to persih. Blessings to you my friend! I hope you are well!

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